Each porthole bung is custom made. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.

F A Q's

Q: Why do I have to measure the inner diameter of my porthole?

A: There can be a difference of two or three mm in the inner diameter of each porthole. For example, I have three 12" portholes on my narrowboat; one has an inner diameter of 309 mm, one is 310 mm, and the other is 311 mm. Every porthole bung is custom made; an accurate measurement helps ensure a good fit.

Q: My porthole bung is wedged in, how do I get it out?

A: Push the outer rim of the porthole bung with your finger or the handle of a tea spoon to lever it out, the edge is very bendy and won't be damaged if you are careful. Do not pull on the rubber on the inside of the ring.

Q: I have 10 portholes on my narrowboat. Do you offer any multi-buy discounts?

A: Get in touch from the contact page and we will see what can be done :)

Q: Acrylic can scratch easily. What is the best way to clean them?

A: First, blow and then rinse away any dust. Then use a clean microfibre cloth (included with every order) to gently wipe dry.